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Summit Plumbing and Mechanical

Summit Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc. is a full service commercial and industrial plumbing and piping contractor located in Modesto, CA. ​

Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

For over 40 years, Summit Plumbing and Mechanical Inc. has provided quality, commitment and reliability to its clients.  Our experience and work ethics make us the number one choice for large scale plumbing projects.

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Commercial and Industrial Plumbing

Commercial & Industrial

Our plumbing services and experience extends to many areas of commercial and industrial industries including piping for water, gases, waste removal, and more.

New Construction Plumbing Blueprints

New Construction

Summit Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc. offers quality construction from start to finish.  If it’s plumbing and piping for new building or a complete tenant improvement, we do it all.

Summit Plumbing and Mechanical Work Trucks

Experienced & Motivated

With over 40 plus years in the commercial and industrial plumbing industry, we know our business and how to ensure that our workers are exceptionally trained and motivated to do great work.

Plumbing Specialist

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When our clients hire us to provide plumbing services, they know they will get quality results!  We know the business from installing or repairing hot and cold water delivery, steam fittings, and domestic water plumbing to other areas requiring proper plumbing such as medical gas, compressed air, process piping, acid waste or storm drains.

We have the equipment to dig the trenches needed for the plumbing pipes and the knowledge of how to best plan and implement the design for efficiency.


Why choose us

Outstanding service

Summit’s success is result of our committment to providing quality customer service.

Excellent Construction

We pride ourselves on the quality of our construction work – efficient, clean, and organized.

Motivated Personnel

Summit provides a great work environment for our workmen as well as very competitive compensation packages, so that our personnel are motivated to do a great job.

Our Experience

After offering our plumbing and pipe fitting services for several decades, we know how to be efficient and understand how long and how much a project will cost.

What our customers say

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

“Very professional company.”

– Paul Richmond

“Dependable, highest standards of workmanship”

– Mikey Benton

Isnetworld - ISN Member Contractor
MCAA - Mechanical Contractor Association of America
Gold Shovel Standard Certified